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About Palmyra Photographic Workshops

At Palmyra Photographic Workshops you are just a click away from being a better photographer.  Palmyra Photographic Workshops (www.palmyra-ny.com) is a service of photography by db walton llc. (By accessing this website you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.)

We offer quality, hands-on, photographic workshops for all levels of photographers.  We believe that instructor-to-student feedback is essential for quality learning.  Online courses seldom provide instructor feedback.  In contrast, you know whether you are getting it right, or doing it wrong. Our professional photographers critique your work.  In addition, we provide suggestions for improvement.  As a result, you don’t get that watching a video.

Because we keep our class sizes small, you receive better instruction.  Most of our classes are limited to 6  to 12 students.

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See our mission statement under here.

Photography by db walton llc is in the business to improve your photography business through the following products:

  • db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY® — captures the beauty in people through photographic and painted portraiture.
  • db walton – CAPTURING BUSINESS(tm) — improves businesses through education and quality business images as well as instructional materials.
  • Fine Art by DB(tm) — provides beautiful images for the home, office or business of landscapes and scenery.
  • Palmyra Photographic Workshops(tm) — provides photographers with the confidence they need to create beautiful images.
  • LensCandy® — royalty free images for artists and photographers.

The above mentioned products are trademarks belonging to photography by db walton llc.

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