On-line courses might teach you technique, but they won’t provide you with feedback.  Feedback is vitally important if you want your photography to improve.

At Palmyra Photographic Workshops, you will find face-to-face workshops and classes.


Because feedback is required in the learning process.  Many employers have discounted potential candidates who have graduated from self-study/on-line degree programs.  Why?  Because they haven’t been told whether they are doing it right or not.  They have only mastered the technique enough to pass an exam.

The same is true with photography.  You can take a course that teaches about the technique of getting proper exposure, but until you sit down with a Master or Craftsman photographer who can tell you, “You need to do this to improve this image”, you cannot get the best out of your work.

What are you waiting for?  We have a 4-day workshop in October.  It is hands-on, and the class size is limited so you get a lot of individual attention from the instructor.