A Special Congratulations!

A Special Congratulations

I want to congratulate all those spammers who attempt to use our site to promote their porn, overseas products, drugs, or whatever the case may be.  Here at Palmyra Photographic Workshops I’d like to present you with a Certificate of Stupidity.  All of our comments are moderated, and when you post a link to a page that contains male-enhancement drugs, or anything like that, which has nothing to do with photographic education, your IP address and e-mail address and user name enters a “black list” database on our server.

Ah yes, it is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.  It is like shooting yourself in the foot.  Hence you earn the not so coveted CoS.

Way to go.

Today’s CoS winner is “fifa 15 coins”.

I’ll try to post other winners so other web administrators can be on the lookout for their user IDs (because I’m sure as heck these spammers can’t read).  So, if you’d like to join the Dishonor Roll of CoS Recipients, go ahead and spam us.  Before long, an anti-terrorist cyber crime unit will be knocking at your door.

While this post is somewhat tongue and cheek, unsolicited spamming is illegal.  We do report such posts to uce.gov as well as to our service provider.  In addition, such posts waste your time as they never see the light of day.