May 2016 First Monday Event

May 2016 First Monday Event

Our May 2016 First Monday Event was about lighting and photographing bottles.  Photographers brought bottles of various shapes and sizes and we set up lighting to photograph them.  It was a learning experience for all.

About First Mondays

First Mondays are events where photographers gather to learn from each other.  Unlike a workshop, there is no formal instruction.  Instead, we have a theme and we shoot according to that theme.  Most of the time the First Monday Event is free, however, there are times when we have nominal expenses.

The Bottles

copyright 2016 db walton

Perfume Bottles

In the above example, someone had brought these perfume bottles.  It was a challenge because of the writing, but this photographer felt he got it right.

I personally set up a bottle with some fruit so I’d have something to paint later.  This is the painting I did (using Corel Painter 2016).

copyright 2016 db walton

Painting Based on the Bottles Photographed

Next Month

Next month’s First Monday Event will be a road trip.  We will start at the Beckwith Mansion in Palmyra, New York.  From there we will head east on NY SR 31.  Bring money for lunch as this will be an all-day event.  Here’s a list of what you should bring…

  • Camera, lenses, batteries and memory cards
  • Money for lunch (and gas if you are sharing a ride)
  • Tripod (optional)

Date:  June 6th, 2016

Time:  9am to about 5pm (drivers may leave early if they have other commitments)