These companies help make our workshops affordable and possible or offer special prices or incentives.  Please visit their web sites to find out more about their companies. (listed in alphabetical order)

B&H Photo and Video –  The worlds best camera store.

BayPhoto – A full-service photographic lab for professionals and consumers.  Bay Photo offers the best in quality and customer service.

DataRobotics makers of Drobo beyond RAID technology

LensCandy – Photographic royalty free textures for the photographer and digital artist.

Lenspen – A superb new tool in optical lens cleaning technology.



Lyons National Bank – Visit a branch near you.

Macedon Family Chiropractic – Chiropractic care helps prevent and correct roadblocks to the vital communication between your brain and all the spinal levels, helping you to maintain a better quality life.  (And, especially if you carry a heavy camera around your neck several hours a day, or sit in front of a computer for long hours.)







Photoflashdrive.com – makers of custom flash drives and other tech devices for your studio and customers.  Great for wedding images, slide shows, etc.
Queensboro – Custom Embroidered Logo Apparel – click on the banner below, and receive a custom shirt for only $2.95.
Custom-embroidered logo shirts and apparel by Queensboro


Schumann Construction, Inc.  – Quality work, reasonable rates and reliable.

Wacom –  Wacom’s patented pen and touch input technology has helped professionals around the world create extraordinary characters, digital art, films, special effects, fashions, and industrial designs. Some of the most celebrated companies in these industries rely on our products. No other technology company strives to design tools that empower creative professionals the way Wacom does. Not even close.

Does your company offer products and services to photographers?

We would love to feature your company on our sponsor page. If you would like to be considered, pleases contact Brent at brent@dbwalton.com.  Be sure to mention Palmyra Photographic Workshops.

What do we look for with sponsors?

We will distribute your printed marketing materials at our workshops, as well as any swag.  (Swag is always well received and helps advertise your business more efficiently.)  Thus, we expect you to send us materials to give away.  We also appreciate items to be given away as door prizes, discounts, and specific event sponsorship.

To summarize…

  • Printed marketing materials
  • Swag items
  • Door prizes
  • Discounts on products
  • Cash sponsorship of events (to pay for food, venue, etc.)

What we provide in return…

  • Listing on our web site
  • Mention on Facebook and blog entries
  • Distribution of printed materials and swag
  • Logo included on any printed workshop materials