One-on-One-on-One consist of you, a professional photographer as an instructor, and a model.  No need to feel self-conscious on a studio shoot.  In this workshop, you will be taught how to talk to your client, how to go over the paper work, what to do, and what not to do, posing, and more.

Model: Rebecca

Already comfortable with lighting?  That’s fine, we’ll work on posing.

Already comfortable with posing?  That’s fine, we can work on lighting.

Put it this way, we will work on whatever you feel you need help doing.  And, during the course of your workshop, if the instructor notices an area you can improve upon, we’ll work on that.

This is YOUR custom workshop.

To schedule a session, call our studio at 1-800-541-9373.  Please have 2 or 3 dates in mind as we will need to schedule the model too.


Instructor:  D. Brent Walton
Model:  Rebecca (pictured above)
Rates:  $350 + model fees

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These workshops will be held in our studio, on location or your studio (travel charges may apply for locations other than our studio).  When held in our studio you will have access to our lighting, backdrops, props, wardrobe, etc.  If you want to try one of our cameras, we will be glad to rent you one for the workshop.