Past Workshops

Here are some photos, and descriptions from past Palmyra Photographic Workshops…

Our re-vamped Autumn Workshop is currently being taught (10/16-10/19).  This hands-on workshop is full of instruction and fun.  Here are a couple of images from Day 1 – Lighting:

copyright 2013 db walton

LDS Missionary Volunteered to be Photographed


copyright 2013 db walton

Another Volunteer


You’re missing all of the fun and learning if you aren’t at Palmyra Photographic Workshops.


One-on-One-on-One – This customized workshop gives you individualized training with one instructor and one model.  No standing in line waiting to photograph the model.  No waiting for the instructor to answer someone’s question before calling on you.  It’s just you, the instructor and the model.  Here’s a sample picture from one such class:



Here are comments from the student of the above workshop:

On Wednesday Jan 9th 2013 I took a 4 hour portrait lighting class from Brent Walton. The One on One Portrait Lighting class was tailored just for me, lighting ratios, position of strobes, one light portrait, two light portraits, taking light meter measurements, plus working with a live model. I have to say the money paid for the class was very well spent. I feel because of Brent’s many years of portrait photography experience, in addition to his teaching style, this class was very beneficial to me. Brent showed me the techniques, explained why it was important, and then let me recreate the lighting situations. Brent always asked me if I had any questions, any would gladly go over material more than once so I always had my questions answered. Even though that Brent has many years of portrait photography experience, he never talked down to me when a subject was being discussed. Many times I have encountered photographers, and might have a couple questions about their equipment, or camera settings that are using for a shot. Some photographers are very reluctant to answer any questions. This isn’t the case when it comes to Brent.

Also, it was very helpful to have a very attractive young lady for our model. Morgan was very attentive to detail, and it was very easy to have here pose just like what I had in mind. Morgan listens very well, and just learning portrait photography, it was a pleasure to have a model that that posed so well. Morgan posed with very little demonstration; she was very enjoyable to work with.

Because of the Brent’s teaching style, and his wealth of knowledge, I would recommend attending classes that are taught by Brent Walton anytime.

Jerry Trass
Olean, NY

The First Monday Event – We’ve had three of these thus far and the numbers keep growing.  The latests, April 2nd, 2012, was a fun early spring shoot.  Our sponsors, Bay Photo Labs, Zorb-it and Pexagon donated enough door prizes that everyone went home with a prize!!!  They are always on the 1st Monday of the month.  To see the schedule of all our workshops, click here.

April First Monday Event
Early Signs of Spring

Autumn in Upstate New York – This is a comprehensive workshop geared to the professional or serious amateur photographer.  This 4-day workshop is fun, hands-on, and exciting.  The workshop brings in families, children, teens and young adults to model.  The workshop also features a field trip and at the end, an open house and presentation of the student’s work.  Read more about our upcoming 2012 workshop here.

Student Poses Child Models

Family Poses for the Class

Students on a Field Trip

Workshop Group Poses for a “Trick” Group Shot

Shoot-n-Play – Shoot-n-Play is a day of fun and play for models, makeup artists and photographers.  As professionals in this field, we wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t just love doing it.  Well, this event is to just have fun without the pressures from clients.

Model (Tiffany) Poses for a Portrait

Model (Cas Ablanca) Poses with Host/Organizer (db walton) (photo shot by Robert Steere)

Models Pose for a Group Shot

Everyone is Part of the Crew on a Shoot-n-Play Day

Model (Katrina)